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    2016 on February 7, joyfully greet the new year, we bid farewell to the great achievements in the year of the sheep, ushered in the full of the hope of m&#111nkey, on the occasion of the Spring Festival is approaching, LCEJT all staff at home and abroad to all new and old customers and all partners happy New Year! To the hard work of the staff and support LCEJT career development relatives and the vast number of clients, party and government leaders at all levels and all the friends to extend my deepest thanks! Wishes everybody happy New Year! Health! Family happiness! Maestro, m&#111nkey years! The old year out to see the fruitful autumn, New Year celebrating the dragon spring weather. On the occasion of 10 thousand reunion, Spring Festival is approaching, I wish to extend, on behalf of the company to all the hard work and selfless dedication linkage group, all staff, to all the trust and support the development of the company's partners would like to extend New Year greetings! M&#111nkey year big auspicious! The journey of the rainbow, like a song. Looking back on the past 2015, we are full of the joy of harvest and the lofty sentiments. Looking hopeful in 2016, we set sail, smug. New year means new opportunities, but also face new challenges, our responsibility will be more significant, the task will be more arduous, the work will be more urgent. We should take a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, from the overall situation and long-term LCEJT, firmly grasp the opportunities for development, vigorously promote the spirit of hard work, and actively participate in the work of. The wind is tidal flat, since when set sail; a long way to go, need more cemayangbian. LCEJT's strategic vision has been sketched, the new goal is waiting for us to complete, the new opportunities waiting for us to seize, the new brilliant waiting for us to create. Looking back on the past, we are full of pride; looking forward to the future, we are confident in a hundred times. Together, let us wish company business more prosperous, wish you to work smoothly in the new year, health, family happiness, good luck in everything!23
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