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发布日期:[2016/5/1]    共阅[218]次
    2016 May 1, inspired by the beautiful spring, and dancing with the melody, we have ushered in a grand festival of the workers of the world - "51" International Labor Day. Here, LCEJT direction for the development of the company, hard work of all the cadres and staff extend festive greetings! During the festival to stick to the comrades on the job expressed cordial greetings. Wish everyone good health, happy life, successful, happy holiday! Enterprises in the development process, the cohesion of all the hard work and dedication of all employees, the cohesion of the various professional, all sectors of the wisdom and creativity of the comrades. In particular, we in the production line of the comrades, led the way, hard work, selfless work, with practical actions for career made significant contribution. May is the golden season of production, the company system maintenance safety and smooth completion of the entire production chain with a high yield conditions. The whole company to summon the energy, strive for the best, quickly set off a big boom, with high yield and low cost for red may add more beautiful. May is full of vigor and vitality of the season, the vitality of May is to create. Tapping the potential of the underlying source of power lies in the creativity of the broad masses of workers to play, co-ordinated effort to reduce production costs, reduce management costs, improve the quality of economic operation, to improve the overall efficiency of enterprises; focus on highlighting the safety production, highlight the energy-saving emission reduction, highlighting the increase revenue and reduce expenditure, strength and wisdom, and break the impact of reduced the efficiency problem; start from me, start now, bit by bit from the start, true to the masters of responsibility sense to treat the enterprise a matter a, dedication, love enterprises such as home. The spirit of May is the work of the holy, the glory of labor. Working to change the world, make the labor Xinghua grow continuously. We want to in the whole company vigorously carry forward the respect labor, respect knowledge, advocating the creation of fresh air is, let staff awareness, spontaneously about learning, telling the solidarity, civilization, responsibility, discipline, safety, the practice of "love Lianchuang, dedication Lianchuang" belief, in labor taste offer the greatest and most glorious work of truth. LCEJT I wish the country a happy five one workers!
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