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发布日期:[2008/5/15]    共阅[2318]次
    PDU of a power distribution unit of electricity power supply - the cabinet of experts Jingang a power distribution unit is a leading international, professional well-designed standardized, and access to a number of "patent" of the cabinet for PDU Power products, a series of Power distribution unit (PDU) Pan-for aviation, power plants, ships, communications, electronic information networks, and other fields. PDU of a series of unique innovative product design, the internal structure of leading technology, quality and safety of reliable, easy and flexible installation in various countries around the world 19 inches (482.6 mm) standard cabinets and various non-standard cabinets and high-tech areas of electronics Electrical equipment. Jingang of a series of power distribution unit (PDU) for aviation, power stations, ships, communications, electronic information networks in areas such as high-end users such as industry and the professionalization of the cabinet carefully build power, its greatest feature is the "small is of great performance "The Year of PDU Features 1, specifically for the 19-inch rack system designed to do, 1 U high, directly through the fixed-fixed in a 19-inch rack mounting rails on the side hole; 2,1 U high, solid alloy, Shell, phosphor bronze jack reed, a socket internal structure connecting Terminals 3 and socket with a 3 × 1.5 mm2 of two meters cable, matching the standard plug in different countries; 4, using all the socket module Design, with an anti-lightning component 6 - 45 million by jack; 5, modular design, multi-purpose outlet system. 6, rated voltage: 250 V ~ 50-60Hz, rated load current: 10 AA [16A], the largest output power: 2500 W, [4000W]. 7, with internationally accepted standards of jacks, modular structure, easy to install. 8, a high-quality imported shell fire-retardant materials and alloys, into sets of components for the phosphor bronze, the products meet international standards and national standards. 9, with high universality, high mechanical strength, the use of safe, reliable and automatic overload protection features such as 10, power indicator light, the standard 19-inch cabinet installation length, front-end into the line at the same time, also have a first-class stability, security, green Environmental protection, and other characteristics, so as to the power distribution unit (PDU) the introduction of a Neiwaijianxiu, professional quality, safety, environmental protection a brand new era.
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