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发布日期:[2009/8/3]    共阅[1545]次
    "Small is big performance" interpretation of the security of the United States with the development of computer network technology, servers, switches, a variety of key equipment such as electronic equipment is increasing the demand for its commitment to growing the business critical environment of the equipment (such as room, cabinets, etc.) have to be increased, all those involved in the operation of key equipment facilities must have high reliability and availability. Digital information society, the majority of the engine room, cabinets in the application of user performance of the engine room, stability, security concerns at the same time, of space-saving, safety indicators, such as humane a growing concern in recent years, this is the application of customer trends PDU . In response to this demand trend, a few days ago, LCE issued the "small is big performance" perfect security LCE interpretation Diamond Series PDU power distribution unit. LCE, PDU products carefully in accordance with international standards and a number of R & D and design patents. From many countries throughout the world standard format of the single power outlet module, switch control module, overload protection module, surge protector module, channel surge protection module, digital AC ammeter module, module leakage protection features such as modules, the main applies to all countries in the world all kinds of 482.6mm (19 inches) standard and non-standard rack cabinets, as well as the high-tech field of electrical and electronic equipment, professional support. Modular multi-function power distribution unit original novel structure, the world's leading technology, quality, safety and reliability, and ease of installation, a wide range of uses Jingang LCE Series PDU power distribution unit is especially suitable for needle IT, finance, telecommunications, electricity, hospitals, military, aerospace, research, e-government and other industries, have been achieved with these high-tech industry in the field of computers, servers, communications equipment, network systems, cabinet products, mine engineering, information technology equipment, precision instruments, electrical and electronic equipment, such as supporting the professional high-end room users to create the King Kong series of carefully PDU power distribution unit, which is characterized by the largest "small is big performance" in a number of patents have also have a first-class stability, security, environmental protection etc., so that high-end Rack PDU power source of the introduction of the safety of a new era of environmental protection.
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