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    PDU Power Supply in the importance of IT to play a room In recent years, as people focus on the IT room deepening levels of the engine room of the power supply, cooling and physical protection technology has been developed, UPS, computer room air conditioners, cabinets and other products have become an integral part of the IT room, IT room the user input in these areas also continue to grow. However, according to statistics, in recent years, IT room because of failure of power distribution equipment, the proportion of accidents are caused by the rise year by year. IT room in the 100 sample survey, we found that the use of current IT room PDU products, the proportion has reached 60% of the room, while the roughly three years ago this proportion was 40%, especially small and medium sized rooms, due to cost reasons Also most of the power supply to replace the use of ordinary PDU. The PDU in the role of IT room has been more and more important, room safety and reliability of the system to a large extent the product's performance with the PDU has a direct relationship. A good PDU products can substantially reduce IT room hidden dangers of accidents, but due to the power outlet caused by the product of heat, and even fire disasters, the loss of their room is immeasurable. LCEGROUP latest generation KINGBOX PDU series of cabinet socket 12 series nearly a thousand kinds of specifications, fully meet the domestic demand for rooms on the PDU power, LCE PDU power supply high-quality, cost-effective and were numerous large-scale IT rooms generally used.
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