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    Room PDU Power Supply Selection and Application of Room servers, rack-specific PDU power outlet PDU power quality is good or bad is also a server, rack embodied an important guarantee for the performance. Power quality in itself, if by lightning and other effects of the natural environment, will have a devastating effect bad, if the use of low-grade PDU socket, being exposed, there is no flame resistance, will have a huge security risk, increasing the power of the destructive power , cause more computer problems. LCE Kingbox PDU cabinet dedicated power outlet unique anti-surge technology, perfect patch performance, from the "source" to protect the stability of your computer safe operation, will be the power outlet control computer failure caused by a minimum, thereby reducing the latter part of the computer maintenance costs. For computer protection, electrical outlets have much effect? The first is surge protection. Surge is loaded with high-power electrical appliances by lightning starts a result of internal factors such as transient over-voltage or over-current phenomenon, usually only lasted just a few microseconds, but because of large energy, often to the computer's motherboard, hard drives, graphics cards caused by flawed . Almost all of the electrical equipment will have a surge at the same time are affected by the surge, so only take power in each device terminal surge protection, can we really put an end to all attacks. "LCE Kingbox dedicated electrical outlet PDU cabinet" unique patent-purpose socket, patent electrodes, anti-error interpolation, anti-sparking, anti-overload and anti-surge technology, improve the performance of patch from the "index" to protect love machines are not surge poisoned. Followed by the fire retardant capabilities. Inferior cabinet outlet face short circuit, sparking, over-voltage, over-current, etc. are likely to result in heat accumulation and caused the fire. This is because of its poor selection plug rough, copper, cross-sectional area is small, will cause temperature rise and thus cause a fire. In addition, its shell is also a selection of poor-induced fires, one of the reasons. LCE Kingbox PDU cabinet dedicated power outlet, using high-quality tin bronze, can effectively control the temperature rise. Copper cross-sectional area of its large Continuity is good, long-term use temperature rise of only 18 degrees; another PDU socket patented modular structure and contains anaerobic factor, effectively cut off from oxygen, comprehensive insurance to protect the safe operation of engine room equipment, together create PDU is the kinds of engine room equipment, real security guard.
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