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    Carefully choose the PDU outlet powerhouse engine room Room is the work of the equipment and operation of the powerhouse in recent years, servers and routers, switches and other sophisticated electronic equipment greatly increased degree of integration, valuable, but often the damage to the software and hardware from time to time on the phenomenon that people are not allowed equipment repair, replacement, consuming a lot of energy and material resources. An authoritative survey shows that, during the warranty period hardware problems, 65% are caused by the surge in the circuit! "Finally, cause damage and data loss, though, people in the room when the attention of the electrostatic protection construction, but also to prevent the accidental installation of UPS and other power protection equipment, but does not solve the surge in power system disturbance, tests show only to take power at each terminal device can put an end to the power surge protection surge of attacks. Linkage cabinet outlet from the Black Edition series PDUJI user needs, a total of 160 full range of products, all with custom patterns can be for engine room personnel selection: jack from the scattered bits to forty-six; separable way switch control to achieve the dual line; thermal kinetic energy but also provides overload protection, electronic current meter, open space and other functional modules and a variety of specifications jack module the user can select the appropriate room features its own combination of modules, no longer have room for the cabinet power supply can not meet the actual environment to worry about. It is precisely because the power outlet in the PDU Linkage patented technology, products and services a full range of leading edge in an increasingly competitive market, competition among Union PDU products have been created by China Telecom, China Mobile, China Netcom, China Unicom, Cisco , Lucent, Motorola, Microsoft, IBM, GE, CCTV, Bank of China telecom, finance, communications, networking, radio and television stations, government agencies, businesses, hospitals, power electronic and electrical field of military aviation and aerospace enterprises and so widely used. Hotline :0378 -7986070 details
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