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    Four characteristics achievements room PDU power management safety weight - Joint creation (LCEJT) 2012 Black Edition Series PDU socket series of new Recently, Union Group officially launched the 2012 Black Edition Series PDU power outlet for high-end users in the engine room industry (power distribution unit) new. New heritage the Lianchuang KINGBOX series PDU cabinet socket security, stability, reliability, high performance, low power, green product features through the use of innovative power management technology, to help the engine room the user to achieve a substantial power management efficiency. In addition, by virtue of the joint creation (LCEJT) oriented professional customization services provided by the engine room business users, different engine room users to not only receive the PDU power for mass customization, the choice of functional accessories and shape structure design and customization services, but also to meet the large various industries, small engine room user PDU power socket applications at the same time, to raise the overall brand image and long-term safety and stability of the engine room enterprises. One, centralized management, computer room PDU power management efficiency increased dramatically 2, leading technological achievements, to enhance the room electricity safe, green, low power use and reduce the cost of 4 the PDUs outlet demand to meet the engine room customer demand for personalized in addition, the joint creation (LCEJT) Black Edition series PDU socket series application needs custom mode (ODM / OEM) for large, small engine room provide professional PDU power outlet customized solutions, not only for the industry at home and abroad The computer room PDU socket, the main components of the power distributor and optional features custom machine customization of applications and PDU power and program customization, but also by domestic and foreign customers' needs.
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