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    LCEJT professional rack PDU power, PDU socket, power distribution unit, comprehensive solutions provide room electricity.LCEJT full home and abroad to provide a variety of room engineering output from the distribution cabinet to the distribution of power between the equipment comprehensive solution. Professional connection and protection of terminal equipment to provide high availability and high reliability rack PDU products. LCEJT Black Edition the PDU 2012 new products according to international standards carefully designing and dozens of national patents. Module by the world multinational standard format monomer power socket, switch control module, overload protection module, surge protection module, the channel surge protector module, digital AC Ammeter module leakage protection module, SPD protector modules, anti-lightning protection module, remote control protection module, a single open space protector modules, remote measurement module functional modules, as many as 2,000 kinds of specifications models rack-mounted PDU (power distribution unit) applied to the world a variety of standard cabinet and non-cabinet of 482.6mm (19 inches), and the high-tech field of electrical and electronic equipment professional supporting. Modular the multifunction power distribution unit original novel structure, technology leading international quality, safe and reliable, easy to install, and a wide range of uses. The preferred room works at home and abroad PDU products
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